A3 Printer Scanner

If your business needs a robust A3 printer scanner that will withstand a busy office environment, you need to buy the right product.

Buying The Right A3 Printer Scanner For Your Office

Have you purchased an A3 printer before, only to realise that it can’t handle the volume your office puts through it? Perhaps you have bought one from Currys PC World or Argos and soon realised it was more of a domestic printer than a business printer? Have you had to replace your printer far too early because it keeps breaking down?

domestic a3 printer
A3 Home Office Printer
business a3 printer
A3 Business Printer

You might be buying the wrong kind of A3 printer.

A business machine is a different animal. It is built to withstand high volumes and busy office environments. And it won’t break down or jam continually, causing you and your colleagues frustration and affecting your productivity. At Salix, we supply business machines, and we can help you and your long-suffering colleagues break out of the cycle of buying cheap, throwaway A3 printers.

But aren't they expensive?

You might be surprised to hear that you will end up saving money. The kind of printers you might have been purchasing up until now are often a false economy, and buying a new one every few years often costs more in the long run. And the other thing to consider is that a proper business printer is considerably cheaper to run, and the toners and parts last much longer, so you spend less throughout the life of the product.

It is, therefore, a worthwhile investment to consider purchasing, renting or leasing one of the robust, business printers from Salix. We can even offer huge reductions on our fully guaranteed, refurbished A3 printers, priced at around one third the cost of a new printer. 

Ready To Save Money?