Although smartphones and tablets are now part and parcel of business life, it is often difficult or even impossible to print from such mobile devices. Incompatibility problems mean users in offices and small business environments have to return to their desk to print a document. There is a clear need for an alternative to this time-wasting and inconvenient process – and ineoPRINT from DEVELOP is the answer.

Mobile printing and scanning app

ineoPRINT, a free app for iOS and Android smartphones or tablets, is a fast and easy-to-use solution to the mobile printing needs of office users in particular. After downloading the app to a smartphone or tablet, you can use ineoPRINT to print documents on or scan documents from a wide variety of office devices in DEVELOP’s ineo range via a Wi-Fi connection – two key functions that take much of the hassle out of everyday office work.

Document management function

Another convenient feature of ineoPRINT is that you can use the app to store and manage documents conveniently in just one place. And you can even access the main cloud storage platforms like Dropbox, Evernote, iCloud, Google Drive, SharePoint and Office 365 if your documents are stored there. Besides, a QR code device discovery function ensures you can conveniently locate the ineo system you want to print from.

Download the ineoPRINT App now – it is available free of charge from App Store and Google play. Benefit from a more flexible and innovative work style from today.

Nothing could be simpler

ineoPRINT is perfectly easy to use and simple to connect up to an ineo device – manually by entering the device’s IP address or DNS name, automatically by selecting the right device from a list of all devices in the network, or just as conveniently via the QR code scanning function for instant discovery of the most convenient ineo device.

Generate your individual QR code


ineoPRINT is very intuitive to use, easy to understand and free of charge – clear evidence of how DEVELOP is always concerned to put the customer first and offer the best possible service.

Key features

  • Direct printing from and scanning to most ineo devices via Wi-Fi
  • Convenient storage and managing of documents via [My Documents]
  • Connects to most popular cloud storage platforms: iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, SharePoint and Office 365
  • Web browsing and printing of web screenshots
  • Flexible discovery of ineo devices:
  • Manually via IP-address or DNS
  • Automatically, with all networked devices discovered and displayed in the app
  • Add a QR code to each ineo system and scan it with ineoPRINT for instant discovery and printer/scanner connectivity
  • Preview function for print and scan files

Key benefits

  • Makes a more flexible and innovative work style possible
  • One mobile app to store, manage, print and scan business documents – easy access to required documents at any time and place
  • Intuitive usability for greater productivity

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