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Helpful advice and solutions to some common problems. 

Errors printing PDF Documents

If you are experiencing errors when printing PDF documents, you might want to check which app you are using to print them from. Many users of Windows 10 PCs will experience issues when printing PDFs from a web browser, particularly Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. This is a known bug in these browsers. We recommend

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“Printer Offline” errors could be caused by Microsoft Update

If you are experiencing issues where printing to network printers seems to have suddenly stopped working, this may have been caused by a Microsoft update designed to address the PrintNightmare vulnerability in Windows 10. The updates associated with the new PrintNightmare security update and the subsequent network printing problems are: KB5005568 (Windows Server 2019) KB5005613 (Windows Server 2012

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Top 5 ways to prevent paper jams

A photocopier or laser printer that jams up is one of the biggest causes of frustration in a busy office. As a photocopier supplier, we know there are many mechanical and electrical faults that can cause paper misfeeds, and only a qualified technician can repair them. But more often than not, it is worth checking

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Please place paper in bypass tray!

If you have had this message appear on your photocopier display, you may be interested in reading this guide on Paper Type Errors. It is a common problem that can easily be rectified by setting up your printer driver and machine correctly. Download the PDF guide here.

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Setting up Scan to PC

A step by step guide on how to set up scanning to a network folder on a Develop/Konica MFD. Includes how to correctly set up and share a network folder on your PC or server and also how to configure your machine to enable it to scan to that folder. Download the PDF guide here.

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How to add new scan destinations

Here is a handy guide on how to add new scanning destinations to your Develop / Konica MFD. This is useful information to have every time you need to add a new member of staff to your scan list or a new supplier for example. Download the PDF guide here.

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